Planning Technician

Most local governments have land use and zoning offices and this is where most planning technicians work. Some however work for private land development companies. Planning technicians usually work in administrative roles and they deal with the public on a regular basis regarding issues related to land use zoning and planning. Planning technicians are sometimes referred to as “zoning technicians” or “land use technicians.” They usually work directly under the supervision of planners and land use principals. Some of the usual job duties that planning technicians complete throughout the day include accepting and reviewing zoning permit applications investigating potential zoning or land use violations attending meetings where members of the public discuss land use and zoning issues and providing information and guidance to members of the public who call or visit the planning office who are in need of information. According to the website planning technicians must have a certain level of land use and zoning knowledge in order to be successful in this profession. For example they must know the basics of planning principles they must be aware of local zoning regulations and they must be able to efficiently use various types of computer software programs. In order to become a planning technician a minimum of an associate’s degree must be earned. However many aspiring planning technicians choose to obtain a bachelor’s degree with a major in a subject such as land development or land use and planning. The website lists the annual salary for planning technicians between $35859 and $50772.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $43315.5
High Salary: $50772
Low Salary: $35859
Tasks: Reviews building plans and zoning permit applications.
Compiles information related to planning issues.
Investigates violations of planning regulations.
Attend public meetings related to zoning and land development issues.
Also Called: GIS Technician
GIS Analyst
Code Enforcement Technician
Zoning Technician
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