Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Technologist

Pulp and paper manufacturing technologists work mainly in paper factories where they design and test processes and equipment that are used to produce cardboard paper and various types of tissue. They are in charge of preparing raw materials which can be a combination of different types of fibers paper that has been transferred from a recycling plant and wood that has been transformed into pulp. All such materials are used by a pulp and paper manufacturing plant to produce many different types of paper products. The website says that pulp and paper manufacturing technologists need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Then they are required to follow a vocational program of study or extensive on-the-job training which covers applied instruction on how pulp is prepared. They also learn about the mechanical and chemical aspects of the pulping process. They learn how to carry out tasks such as pulp preparation pulp testing coating and how to manage the waste produced by the manufacturing plant. In addition they become familiar with how to operate and control paper making and pulp preparation machinery and equipment. To advance to more responsible higher-level positions a degree in engineering chemistry or applied science is helpful. However some individuals earn degrees in business administration and production management. Pulp and paper manufacturing technologists generally work 40 hours a week but they may have to work some nights and weekends. As positions become more senior however employees may be able to do most of their work on weekdays although they may still be on-call for night and weekend work. Much of the work in the factory can be noisy hot and humid and workers must wear protective uniforms. According to the website the average annual salary for pulp and paper manufacturing technologists is approximately $41000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $40099
High Salary: $50099
Low Salary: $30099
Tasks: Prepares pulp for paper manufacturing.
Studies the pulping process.
Ensures that final paper products are satisfactory.
Oversees quality control.
Also Called: Paper Manufacturing Engineer
Paper Technologist
Pulp Manufacturing Technician
Manufacturing Technologist
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