Oil And Gas Drilling Engineer

Much work and planning occurs before oil and gas companies begin drilling. Oil and gas drilling engineers are often called “petroleum engineers” and they are experts at the planning phases of a drilling operation. They work together with geologists geoscientists and a team of engineers to determine the safest and most economically feasible manner in which to drill as possible. According to Wikipedia.org oil and gas drilling engineers are tasked with evaluating the areas that are to be drilled and determining how to protect the environment during the drilling process. Additionally they are responsible for estimating the cost of a drilling project and supervising the day to day operations that occur at the drilling site. Some of the daily tasks of an oil and gas drilling engineer include analyzing the output from the well and determining if changes in the drilling process must be made compiling reports on daily drilling operations discussing drilling operations with the supervisors of the drilling group and designing new drill paths as necessary. Usually they are involved in a drilling project starting with the research and planning phases all the way to the day the project is completed and the drilling site is abandoned. At the end of the drilling project many oil and gas drilling engineers continue working to determine the best ways to restore the drilling environment back to its original state. The minimum educational requirement for a career as an oil and gas drilling engineer is typically a bachelor’s degree with a major in petroleum engineering. And according to the websitewww.jobs-salary.com the average yearly salary for a drilling engineer is $99108.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $99108
High Salary: $109108
Low Salary: $89108
Tasks: Plans the drilling of oil and gas wells.
Attempts to minimize the cost of drilling.
Protects the health and safety of drilling workers.
Attempts to protect the environment during the drilling process.
Also Called: Drilling Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Mud Engineer
Additional Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drilling_engineering