Offset Press Operator

An offset press operator is an expert at maintaining and running an offset printing press. Some examples of items that would be produced on an offset printing press include letterhead envelopes and printed documents with ink variations that range from one color to many different colors. The job of an offset press operator does not require a formal education past high school or a GED and most skills for this profession can be learned on the job. However it does require mechanical ability and the skills to be able to adjust the printing press if problems or defects are noticed when inspecting finished products. Additionally according to the website offset press operators must be dedicated to the quality of the work that is produced while they are in charge of the press. Because clients rely on the perfection of the paper products produced by the offset press it is up to the offset press operator to ensure that the products are of top quality. Some of the daily job responsibilities of an offset press operator include cleaning the press testing the pressure that exists between the printing plates and the ink keeping track of supplies ordering supplies when needed determining when the press needs the attention of a technician or repair person and overseeing the work of assistant offset press operators. Once trained and knowledgeable about offset presses many offset press operators advance their career by learning how to operator more advanced press machines. The website lists the average yearly salary for an offset press operator between $32764 and $49459.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $41111.5
High Salary: $49459
Low Salary: $32764
Tasks: Inspects printed products for accuracy.
Re-fills ink when necessary.
Loads paper into press feeder.
Adjusts offset printing presses.
Also Called: Printing Press Operator
Printing Press Technician
Press Operator
Press Feed Operator
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