Miners extract materials such as ore and coal from the earth. Some miners work in areas that are deep underground and they get to materials by way of underground tunnels which they must sometimes dig themselves. Some types of mining require blasting with explosives to loosen the materials. Miners scoop coal or other material onto mine cars or conveyer belts which carry it up to the surface. Surface miners work closer to ground level and may be in charge of transporting materials to plants for refining purposes. Aspiring coal miners must be at least 18 years old. They cannot suffer from claustrophobia because they will be working in extremely cramped spaces that are both dark and damp. They must be good team players ready to be on the alert for the safety of all fellow miners in the area. They learn most of what they need to know on the job but many start out working in training mines so they can develop skills in a relatively safe environment. With the increased use of more complex machinery however more mining companies are offering formal training courses. Furthermore companies are becoming interested in job applicants that have earned a certificate in mining studies which is a one-year program or even a two-year associate’s degree. Miners usually work for mining companies and there are communities that are composed of families whose members have been company miners for generations. Miners’ earnings depend on what material they are mining and the specific employer for whom they work but according to www.payscale.com the average annual compensation for miners is approximately $45000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45364
High Salary: $55364
Low Salary: $35364
Tasks: Extracts materials from a mine.
Works in underground mines or at surface mines.
Transports materials from a mine.
Digs or blasts underground tunnels.
Also Called: Coal Miner
Mining Technician
Underground Miner
Surface Miner
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_5372811_job-description-miner.html