Metal Fabricator

Metal fabricators work in several types of industries including vehicle assembly construction and manufacturing. The main job responsibility of metal fabricators is to cut and assemble metal pieces. Because of the varying industries that require this type of work metal fabricators sometimes work on very large projects such as the framework of houses or large buildings or they may work on creating metal pieces for smaller items such as household appliances. Because their work involves cutting and assembling metal pieces metal fabricators use welding and soldering equipment and tools. However their jobs are not always as simple as cutting and adjoining metal pieces. Metal fabricators must also complete other tasks such as reading blueprints using computerized equipment that measures and cuts pieces of metal and understanding and adhering to safety instructions and requirements. Metal fabricators are often called “steelworkers” or “metal assemblers” and they are often skilled at both fabricating metal pieces for a project as well as installing cut metal pieces using welds rivets and joining hardware. Metal fabricators often work in a warehouse manufacturing plant or a similar setting. They must be in good physical condition because they often stand for long hours at a time and they should be able to lift heavy objects on a regular basis. The website states that the minimum education required for a metal fabricator position is a high school diploma. However some employers require additional education and training. For the most part however skills can usually be learned on the job or through an apprenticeship program. reports that the salary range for metal fabricators is usually between $31000 and $46000 per year but the actual salary depends on the experience level of the metal fabricator the specific industry and size of the employer.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $38500
High Salary: $46000
Low Salary: $31000
Tasks: Assembles structural metal products.
Uses soldering welding tools.
Cuts metal parts and aligns them together.
Bends and shapes metal pieces.
Also Called: Metal Worker
Metal Product Assembler
Metal Framer
Steel Fabricator
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