Mechanic – Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment mechanics perform skilled tasks that are necessary for the upkeep and repair of various types of equipment. The website says that they service heavy trucks earth moving equipment bulldozers cranes concrete mixers road graders gasoline and diesel powered tractors garbage trucks and dump trucks. Heavy equipment mechanics must have a detailed understanding of how diesel engines and all their working parts operate. They are experts at maintaining construction equipment with hydraulic and electrical operating systems. Heavy equipment mechanics may do some of their work inside in repair shops but typically their work is done on site and in all kinds of weather. For most jobs they wear protective devices to abide by safety regulations. In addition to the actual maintenance and repair tasks heavy equipment mechanics are expected to complete forms that record what they have done. Aspiring heavy equipment mechanics need a high school diploma or the equivalent with some background in mathematics science and technology courses. According to the website the best way to get the necessary training for this career is to attend a vocational school or a community college that offers diesel mechanic or heavy equipment training. However it is possible to learn the trade with on-the-job training and local construction firms and union offices may have information about apprenticeship programs. Employers usually require heavy equipment mechanics to take specialized courses periodically to keep up with changes in equipment and technology. The website says that heavy equipment mechanics earn a median hourly wage of approximately $20.59. They earn a higher hourly wage if they must work overtime.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $42827
High Salary: $44827
Low Salary: $40827
Tasks: Maintains heavy machinery.
Has an excellent understanding of how diesel equipment works.
Inspects and repairs diesel power units.
Uses power tools to complete work.
Also Called: Diesel Mechanic
Construction Equipment Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Welder
Construction Equipment Repairperson
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