Marine Electrician

Boats of all shapes and sizes have electrical systems. While row boats canoes and kayaks are powered by human strength alone a large majority of water vessels have some type of electrical system. Many boats ranging in size from sail boats to cruise ships have electronics or electrical wiring onboard which at one point or another needs to be installed maintained or repaired by a marine electrician. According to general electricians and marine electricians are not one in the same. In fact marine electricians must complete a specific type of apprenticeship and then become certified before earning the title of “marine electrician.” To become certified a test which is administered by both the American Boat and Yacht Council (“ABYC”) and the National Marine Electronics Association (“NMEA”) must be passed. A marine electrician often has a challenging job because knowledge of many different types and sizes of marine vessels is necessary. Some marine electricians may be employed by a company such as a cruise line to work full-time on the electrical wiring of a specific type of ship but many marine electricians work independently and go from job to job on an as-needed basis. A few of the most crucial aspects of a marine electrician’s job are strict adherence to safety and procedures for all types of marine electrical work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that marine electricians earn an average of $45156 per year but the exact salary depends on whether or not the marine electrician is employed by a company or is self-employed and the exact level of experience with different types of boats.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $45156.5
High Salary: $62150
Low Salary: $28163
Tasks: Installs electrical systems on boats.
Updates and repairs electrical systems.
Upgrades electronics on various types of boats.
Works on many different sized boats.
Also Called: Electrician
Electronics Expert
External Investment Analyst
Licensed Electrician
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