A landscape gardener does much more than simply cut grass on a weekly basis and make sure sprinkler systems are working properly. Rather they spend a great deal of time designing developing and maintaining gardens so they look impressive colorful and full of life. Some customers of landscape gardeners have specific ideas in mind when it comes to their gardens. In such cases the customer explains what is desired and the landscape gardener develops the idea produces drawings and completes the work. Other times customers do not have independent landscaping ideas and they rely on the landscape gardener to provide unique designs based on sun exposure colors and how much embellishment is wanted. Landscape gardeners in addition to performing all of the work associated with the plants must be able to provide customers with accurate cost estimates purchase necessary materials and plants and supervise the work of helpers. According to there is no specific educational requirement for a landscape gardener. Many have a high school diploma and no additional formal training. However some take classes in areas such as landscape technology or landscape architecture to learn more about landscape design trends. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the salary range for landscape gardeners between $7.95 per hour to $17.97 per hour. However landscape gardeners who own their own businesses can earn a significantly higher salary based on experience and number of years in business. Many landscape gardeners obtain jobs based on flyers and advertisements as well as word-of-mouth recommendations.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26956.5
High Salary: $37377
Low Salary: $16536
Tasks: Maintains gardens and landscapes.
Plants flowers.
Trims shrubs and trees.
Applies fertilizer to all areas of a garden.
Also Called: Landscaper
Landscape Technician
Grounds Maintenance Worker
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