The job of a professional insulation installer is essential for many reasons. First insulation is important because it greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to cool and heat buildings. Second insulation helps to keep temperatures inside and around industrial equipment at a constant level. The people who install insulation are called “insulators” and they are highly skilled at working with various types of insulation materials. “One size fits all” is not a term that can be used in the world of insulation. Insulators must know how to cut shape fasten staple and affix various types of insulation to many different sized and shaped pipes walls crawl spaces ceilings and equipment. They must also know the proper techniques for installing insulation on various textured and smooth surfaces. Professional insulators sometimes work with materials that can be harmful or dangerous. For example the job of removing old insulation often requires the handling of substances such as asbestos which has been proven to cause a dangerous form of cancer in exposed people. Also insulation is often placed on piping that is extremely hot which has the potential for causing severe burns to insulation installers. Therefore as the website states insulators must have a high level of knowledge in the area of safety precautions proper use of safety equipment and the ability to follow safety instructions. Typically insulators have a high school diploma and learn most of their skills through on-the-job training. According to insulators earn a median salary of $30305 to $33342 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $31823.5
High Salary: $33342
Low Salary: $30305
Tasks: Installs different types of insulation.
Removes old insulation prior to installing new materials.
Lays out and cuts insulation materials before installation.
Detects exposed surfaces in need of protection.
Also Called: Floor Insulator
Ceiling Insulator
Wall Insulator
Mechanical Insulator
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