Heating System Mechanic

In cold climates heating system mechanics are in high demand during the winter months. They provide an essential service to those who rely on heating systems to stay warm at home at work or anywhere they may go for business or entertainment purposes. Heating system mechanics are trained to install fix maintain and diagnose problems with heating systems. Some heating system mechanics may specialize in heating systems manufactured by one specific company or they may be knowledgeable about several heating system brands. Because the cold winter months are typically the busiest of the year for heating system mechanics they normally spend this time fixing malfunctioning heating systems or installing new furnaces when old ones are beyond repair. During the warmer months or during the summer heating system mechanics often spend their time performing routine maintenance on heating systems such as performing cleaning and filter replacements. According to www.ehow.com heating system mechanics work directly with customers and must be able to explain repairs and problems as well as prepare cost estimates. Heating system mechanics must be good with their hands and be able to use various types of small tools such as screwdrivers metal cutters drills and different types of small welding equipment. Most heating system mechanics attend a vocational school to learn the basics of their job and then they learn additional skills through an apprenticeship. Careers.stateuniversity.com reports that the median average salary for a heating system mechanic is $17.43 per hour which equates to $36254 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $36254
High Salary: $42254
Low Salary: $30254
Tasks: Prepares repair estimates.
Explains heating system problems to customers.
Follows safety procedures.
Installs, repairs and maintains heating systems.
Also Called: Heating System Repair Person
HVAC Mechanic
Furnace Mechanic
Furnace Installer
Additional Resources: http://careers.stateuniversity.com/pages/237/Air-Conditioning-Heating-Refrigeration-Mechanic-Installer.html