Heating Engineer

Heating engineers develop systems for heating residential commercial and industrial buildings. They also help install heating units that heat the building and also heat water that will be used by its occupants. In addition they are in charge of repairing any heating equipment that is not functioning as it should. The website www.ehow.com says that heating engineers need to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering most often with a specialty in mechanical engineering and thermodynamics. Earning credentials by passing the Professional Engineer Certification Exam and the Fundamentals of Engineering and the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam will open up more job opportunities. Heating engineers often work for both residential and commercial real estate developers and for construction companies that want estimates on the heating needs for new buildings and need information on how much space must be allocated for the recommended heating equipment. They may also be called in when heating equipment that has already been installed is not working efficiently. In addition they may be employed by companies that manufacture heating equipment. However some heating engineers are independent contractors hired by various companies that need estimates for heating needs and for specific spaces that will be needed to install heating equipment. They may select or in some cases design custom heating equipment. Job prospects for heating engineers are good and the website www.salaryexpert.com says that heating engineers earn between $56000 and $82000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $69000
High Salary: $82000
Low Salary: $56000
Tasks: Develops technology for heating systems.
Estimates heating needs for buildings.
Determines the best heating units for specific situations.
Designs custom heating systems.
Also Called: Residential Heating Engineer
Commercial Heating Engineer
HVAC Engineer
Ventilation Engineer
Additional Resources: http://www.ehow.com/about_6671945_heating-engineer_s-job-description.html