Gas Fitter

A gas fitter is a person who installs maintains replaces and fixes natural gas pipe lines. Because natural gas lines exist in residential commercial and industrial areas gas fitters must travel to these locations to perform most of their work. Some gas fitters work on underground gas lines or gas mains. Because they are responsible for fixing breaks or leakages gas fitters must often work an on-call schedule that can bring them to a job site at any hour of the day or night. A gas fitter must have the ability to study architectural drawings because they are often sent to install gas pipe lines in buildings that are being constructed. Additionally gas fitters often have direct contact with natural gas customers and must therefore have excellent customer service skills. One of the most common reasons a gas fitter is called to a customer’s house is to check for natural gas leaks. In such cases gas fitters are able to use natural gas detection devices to determine if a leak exists. If it does it is the gas fitter’s responsibility to fix the leak or replace the pipe line. There are several characteristic that a gas fitter must possess in order to be successful in this profession. First they must be extremely detail oriented due to the fact that natural gas can be dangerous and if a gas line is not installed or fixed correctly it could be hazardous. Also they must have excellent analytical skills because it is often difficult to determine the cause of a leak or to install piping in a precarious location. In order to become a gas fitter a high school diploma must be achieved as well as graduation from a technical or vocation school. Additionally an apprenticeship with an experienced gas fitter is required before working independently. According to the average yearly salary for a gas fitter is between $38812 and $57283 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $48047.5
High Salary: $57283
Low Salary: $38812
Tasks: Installs natural gas lines.
Mounts gas meters, regulators, valves, and burners.
Maintains gas lines and equipment.
Repairs broken or old gas lines.
Also Called: Gas Line Installer
Pipe Fitter
Gas Line Welder
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