Excavating and Loading Machine Operator

Excavating and loading machine operators are trained to use heavy machinery for the purpose of moving materials from one location to another. Some of the specific types of machinery they operate include power shovels stripping shovels scraper loaders and back hoes. Not only must they be experienced in using these pieces of machinery but they must also know how to communicate with co-workers on the ground using hand signals. Additionally they need to know how to read ground markings so they know where to begin and where to stop working. Prior to a job beginning an excavating and loading machine operator is given instructions either orally or through written instructions. Then the instructions must be followed in order to complete the job. Some of the specific skills necessary to succeed in this profession are excellent hand-eye coordination the ability to judge distances and a basic understanding of diesel mechanics. Excavating and loading machine operators typically work eight hour shifts that usually begin early in the morning. However depending on the specific job some may be required to work through the night if the job is in a high-traffic area. Also some jobs are seasonal and can only be completed during specific times of the year when the weather permits. According to the website www.onetonline.org excavating and loading machine operators can expect to earn a yearly salary of approximately $35930. Additionally many working in this profession have high school diplomas but about a quarter of them have at least some college credits. Training for a job as an excavating and loading machine operator is usually achieved on the job but knowledge can be accelerated by enrolling in a vocational training program. Some states require that their operators be licensed andor certified.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $35930
High Salary: $40930
Low Salary: $30930
Tasks: Excavates and loads materials into trucks.
Measures levels of materials to be excavated.
Knows how to read digging plans.
Follows instructions for moving materials.
Also Called: Heavy Machinery Operator
Back Hoe Operator
Loader Operator
Heavy Equipment Operator
Additional Resources: http://job-descriptions.careerplanner.com/Excavating-and-Loading-Machine-Operators.cfm