Engineer – Electrical

Electrical engineers are often called “electronics engineers” and just as their title suggests they work with electricity and electrical systems. Depending on the specific industry or employer an electrical engineer may work for a company in the business of producing electricity or they may work for a company in the business of developing and designing electrical control systems inside of buildings vehicles or appliances. Many electrical engineers spend their days working with high-voltage electrical transmitters. However some who are electronics or “appliance” engineers work with smaller levels of electricity. The ability to follow safety rules and regulations as well as an extreme attention to detail is essential for this profession. Some of the specific responsibilities of electrical engineers are developing new and safe electrical equipment designing power plants so they can produce higher levels of electricity for consumers and developing new electrical transmission methods. For those who do not work in the research design and developmental realm electrical engineers may oversee the construction of power plants. Electrical engineers are often responsible for managing a team of electrical technicians electrical contractors and electrical project designers. Electrical engineering jobs are available at private companies engineering firms state and local governmental agencies public service and utility companies and the military. Additionally some work as researchers and professors at colleges and universities. The educational requirement for a career as an electrical engineer is a bachelor’s degree and according to the median salary for an electrical engineer is $71610 to $75770 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $73690
High Salary: $75770
Low Salary: $71610
Tasks: Focuses on the generation and supply of electrical power.
Helps determine ways to create electricity.
Works with electrical semi-conductors.
Determines ways to make electrical systems safer.
Also Called: Electronics Engineer
Electrical Systems Designer
Electrical Systems Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
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