Engineer – Construction

A construction engineer who is sometimes called a civil engineer or a structural engineer is a person who works to design and construct structures such as roadways and buildings. Construction projects may include brand new structures or renovations and can range from small projects such as a one-room addition to a house to large projects such as adding a lane to a major stretch of an interstate highway or building a sky scraper in the middle of a metropolitan city. A construction engineer has a wide range of responsibilities with some of the most important being the ability to meet safety standards and the skill to ensure that a job progresses on schedule and with as few problems as possible. A construction project involves many steps and a construction engineer is generally involved in each stage of the project from the planning phase to the projects completion. The required education for a career as a construction engineer is a minimum of a bachelors degree in architecture construction management civil engineering structural engineering or another similar emphasis. A lead construction engineer is someone who according to is licensed to approve final design plans. In order to obtain this type of higher-level position a license must be earned by attending an accredited bachelors program and passing two specific exams. Both construction engineers and lead construction engineers must have excellent critical thinking skills and they must also be able to handle potentially stressful situations. Because most construction projects end up having inevitable complications its essential that the engineer in charge knows how to solve the problem in a swift and cost-effective manner. says that the average salary for a construction engineer is approximately $73610 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $73610
High Salary: $83610
Low Salary: $63610
Tasks: Develops and manages construction projects.
Facilitates construction designs.
Ensures materials used in construction meet safety standards.
Surveys land before construction begins.
Also Called: Lead Construction Engineer
Construction Project Engineer
Civil Engineer
Construction Scientist
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