Electrical Mechanic

Electrical mechanics install maintain and repair electrical systems in everything ranging from small household appliances to large jumbo jets. Additionally electrical mechanics work for power plants and other energy supply companies and work to maintain and fix systems when problems arise. One of the primary responsibilities of an electrical mechanic is diagnosing electrical problems. And the next step is determining the best way to fix the issue. An electrical mechanic who is sometimes called an “electrician” works in a challenging field because of extreme demand for electrical power in today’s world. Most companies cannot function or exist without electricity and most residents of the United States are so used to having electricity and electrical appliances available 24 hours per day that they are unable to function normally without immediate access to electrical power and the use of systems that run on electricity. Therefore electrical mechanics are under pressure to keep things running and in good working order at all times. While some individuals find it possible to obtain jobs in this field with only a high school diploma most find it necessary to earn a minimum of an associate’s degree from a vocational school technical school or community college. The degree title commonly earned according to education-portal.com is “Electrical Mechanic Technology.” This type of educational program prepares aspiring electrical mechanics to learn how electrical systems work how to diagnose electrical problems and how to repair electrical systems. Education-portal.com also states that he median salary for electrical mechanics ranges from $33155 to $40980 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $37067.5
High Salary: $40980
Low Salary: $33155
Tasks: Installs, maintains, and fixes electronics and electrical systems.
Works with industrial circuits and equipment.
Keeps electrical systems in working order.
Wires buildings for electricity.
Also Called: Electrician
Electrical Technician
Electronics Systems Mechanic
Electrical Equipment Repair Technician
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