Drywaller or Plasterer

The construction industry uses the skills of drywallers and plasterers to complete building projects. Today drywall is used more often than plaster in the completion of walls and ceilings because it is less expensive and it can be installed faster than plaster. However there are still instances when plaster is either necessary or desired. Many workers are trained in both drywall and plaster so that they can meet the needs of their customers depending on what service is wanted. The job of a drywaller and installer requires excellent physical condition due to the fact that a lot of lifting standing bending and climbing on ladders is required. Even though the construction industry has its ups and downs there is a tendency for jobs to be consistently open due to the high turnover rates in this field. Unlike some jobs in the field of construction most drywalling and plastering jobs continue on schedule despite bad weather because most work is completed indoors. While a high school diploma is desired for this career there are courses available that teach drywalling and plastering skills but most learn how to complete projects by working as helpers and learning through observing or completing an apprenticeship. According to jobbankusa.com the hourly wage for a drywaller and plasterer can range from $9.08 per hour for entry level positions to $24.47 per hour for those in supervisory roles. The website plastererjobs.net states that drywallers and plasterers have a good opportunity to start their own businesses by bidding on jobs and completing them independently or with the help of other hired helpers. Working as an independent drywaller and plasterer can significantly increase the earning potential.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $34891.5
High Salary: $50897
Low Salary: $18886
Tasks: Applies plaster to walls or ceilings.
Installs drywall.
Finishes drywall or plaster surfaces with texture.
Advises on what types of materials should be used.
Also Called: Builder
Drywall Installer
Drywall Finisher
Plaster Installer
Additional Resources: http://jobbankusa.com/ohb/ohb205.html