Commercial Air Conditioning Mechanic

There are many cities in the United States and throughout the world that would literally be uninhabitable by most humans without the modern convenience of air conditioning. Air conditioning units help maintain a constant cool temperature a particular level of humidity and a desired air quality inside of various types of buildings and structures.

Commercial air conditioning mechanics install maintain and repair air conditioning units inside of commercial buildings but they may also be trained in air conditioning units designed for residential houses buildings such as manufacturing plants and structures that require refrigeration units.

Also air conditioning mechanics are often trained at installing and repairing heating systems in the same types of buildings. Commercial air conditioning mechanics who are also sometimes called commercial air conditioning technicians sometimes work for small or large HVAC companies they sometimes work as independent contractors but in the case of a commercial air conditioning mechanic they may be employed by the company that owns and operates the commercial building.

Because most commercial buildings do not replace their air conditioning systems very often commercial air conditioning mechanics may focus most of their working hours on maintaining and repairing such systems. Large systems are in constant need of maintenance and repair to filters ducts and simply keeping the system clean.

The educational requirement for a career as a commercial air conditioning mechanic is graduation from an accredited vocational program and they must also acquire and maintain certification.

According to Salaries for this profession range from $25236 per year to $69582 per year. The pay is higher for those who have many years of experience.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $47409
High Salary: $69582
Low Salary: $25236
Tasks: Installs new air conditioning units in commercial buildings.
Maintains and repairs air conditioning units in commercial buildings.
May be cross-trained as heating system mechanics.
Cleans air system of debris and dust.
Also Called: Commercial Air Conditioning Technician
Air Conditioning Installer
Air Conditioner Repairman
HVAC Installer
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