Cement Mason

Cement Masons work with concrete finishers segmental pavers and terrazzo workers to lay cement and concrete and work with it until it is in a finished state. Cement masons are responsible for setting the forms that will hold the poured cement until it hardens.

It is essential that cement masons are precise and accurate when laying the forms so they are level and correctly placed. Once the forms are ready the cement is poured and the cement mason then uses a tool called a straightedge to level the material so that it sets flat. They also use machinery or tools to make sure the cement is smooth.

Depending on the location and use of the finished cement a cement mason will sometimes use a groover which is a tool that adds grooves into the cement which will help prevent the cement from cracking in the future. Some of the techniques for finishing cement and concrete include coloring it adding stones or decorative elements to it or adding texture.

Working as a cement mason requires excellent health because they job is physically straining and the hours can be long depending on the project. Most cement masons begin their careers as construction laborers and then progress into the higher level position of a mason. Apprenticeships are also a way to learn this trade but there are vocational education programs available if desired.

Careers.stateuniversity.com estimates that the average hourly salary for a cement mason is $15.10 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $31408
High Salary: $41408
Low Salary: $21408
Tasks: Lays cement.
Works with cement until it is in its finished state.
Levels and smoothes poured cement.
Adds grooves to poured cement to prevent cracking.
Also Called: Cement Laborer
Terrazzo Workers
Segmental Pavers
Concrete Finisher
Additional Resources: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos204.htm