Carpet Installer

Many private residences as well as commercial establishments such as offices stores restaurants airports and hospitals use carpet to cover their floors. Carpet installers first inspect the bare floor to make sure there are no cracks or bumps that might affect how the wear and tear on installed carpet. Then they roll out the carpet measure it and cut and trim to it fit the floor space.

In the case of wall to wall carpeting carpet installers join sections of carpet by sewing them together or using heat-taped seams. During the course of a job carpet installers use tools such as knives shears power stretchers trimmers drills stable guns and heat irons. If carpet is installed properly it can last for many years.

Carpet installers should have a high school diploma or the equivalent and it is beneficial to have several years of experience in a related field. However some learn the trade by serving in apprenticeships with experienced carpet installers.

The website says that after working for some period of time carpet installers can take an examination to become Certified Floor Covering Installers which is helpful for remaining competitive in the job market. Carpet installers should be in excellent health because their jobs can be strenuous. They need to have excellent manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. It is important to have solid skills in basic math because they must measure and cut carpet material so that it fits well with minimal waste.

According to the website employment should be available for carpet installers with excellent skills. Average earnings for carpet installers range from approximately $33000 to $49000 annually. However highly experienced and skilled carpet installers can earn up to $57000 a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $57000
Low Salary: $33000
Tasks: Prepares bare floors for carpet.
Cuts and trims carpet to the correct size.
Joins carpet pieces together with seams.
Takes floor dimensions.
Also Called: Carpet Expert
Carpet Repairperson
Flooring Installer
Carpet Trimmer
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