A professional carpenter does not work in a traditional office. Rather a carpenter spends almost one hundred percent of their work days at various work sites. Depending on the size of the job a carpenter sometimes called a craftsman works with helpers laborers and a lead carpenter to get a construction job completed.

A carpenter works primarily with wood – – sawing it shaping it cutting it sanding it and fastening it to a residential home or commercial building. Besides working on the exterior or the frame of a building carpenters also work on the interior of buildings to build and install bookshelves wall units wall paneling furniture cabinets and doors.

Several skills are required to be successful in this profession. Some such sills include a higher than average mathematical ability the ability to read blueprints the knowledge to provide cost estimates to customers the skills to use many types of carpentry tools and a strong desire to complete jobs with precision.

The formal education required for this career is minimal with a high school diploma being desirable. However most carpentry skills are learned from on-the-job training and apprenticeships. The majority of carpenters work for construction companies or homebuilding companies. However there are also a large number of carpenters who are self employed and hired by individuals to complete small specific tasks such as building custom cabinets for a homeowners kitchen.

The average salary for a carpenter according to is approximately $16.90 per hour. However salaries can be significantly higher for carpenters with extensive experience and for those who have completed a four-year apprentice program.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $40840.5
High Salary: $50856
Low Salary: $30825
Tasks: Works primarily with wood.
Builds and installs cabinets, shelves, doors, and more.
Has a mastery of wood working tools.
Provides cost estimates to potential customers.
Also Called: Craftsman
Wood Worker
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