Boom Operator

A boom operator works in the film television music andor entertainment industry with a primary responsibility of positioning microphones so that the best sound can be achieved for production or filming.

Boom operators usually work on a freelance basis but are sometimes employees of television or film production studios. Regardless if they are working as freelancers or employees they work closely with the sound department the director of the production and the head sound engineers.

A clear understanding of how to operate sound recording equipment is necessary for this profession. Additionally the ability to position microphones and other sound equipment in the best possible locations as well as maintenance of sound equipment is essential. A boom operator does not work a traditional 40-hour week during normal business hours.

Many times filming occurs during early morning evening and weekend hours. Hours can also be very long so good health and the ability to resist fatigue is necessary. There is no formal requirement for a college degree for this profession but many schools offer degrees and certificates in the field of sound operation. Boom operators usually learn techniques and skills through on the job training and continuing education courses.

According to boom operators can expect to earn an average salary of about $38000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $38000
High Salary: $48000
Low Salary: $28000
Tasks: Positions microphones for optimal sound.
Works with a production's sound department.
Operates and maintains sound equipment.
Affixes microphones to actors, musicians or other stars of a production.
Also Called: Sound Operator
Sound Engineer
Sound Mixer
Production Sound Mixer
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