Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic

Almost every building in the United States including residential homes and housing complexes office buildings and retail units all have some sort of ventilation system installed inside of them. While certain climates are more apt to require that their buildings contain heating units other climates require air conditioning systems. Regardless there is a definite need and requirement for such systems to be in working order on a year-round basis.

This is just one reason that refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics are in such high demand. According to this career is expected to grow at a very fast pace for the foreseeable future. Most refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics are also trained in heating and ventilation systems and are commonly referred to as "HVAC" or "HVAC-R" mechanics or technicians.  Search for jobs in Air Conditioning and HVAC.

The main responsibilities for this type of mechanic are to repair install and maintain refrigeration heating and cooling systems. Not only must they be knowledgeable about small units such as those in a single-family home but they must also be familiar with large units such as those that are responsible for air circulation in large office buildings.

There are certain seasons when refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics are busier and "on call" 24-hours per day. These seasons are summer and winter. During the spring and fall months most technicians keep busy with maintenance work and inspections of systems. Most technicians attend a 2-year program at a technical school and then complete an internship or apprenticeship before obtaining positions in this industry. The average salary for a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic is approximately $25000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $41547.5
High Salary: $59425
Low Salary: $23670
Tasks: Repairs, installs and maintains refrigeration, heating and cooling systems.
Is familiar with small and large HVAC units.
Works "on call" during the busy seasons: summer and winter.
Maintains and inspects systems.
Also Called: HVAC Technician
HVAC-R Technician
Ventilation Mechanic
HVAC Installer
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