Travel Guide

The job of a travel guide is to provide information to customers on travel-related options to give recommendations about hotels and places to stay while traveling and to help organize and purchase airline and other types of transportation tickets. Travel guides spend time with their customers so they can learn their interests and what they want to get out of their vacation. Then with the information they gather they provide recommendations on destinations and available guided tours. Because they must provide this type of guidance to customers who want to visit varying locations throughout the world travel guides must be knowledgeable about popular destinations and they must know the ease or difficulty of getting to certain places. Additionally they must be able to advise their customers on the proper travel documents they will need for different worldwide destinations. According to the website travel guides sometimes help large groups of people plan their vacations. For large groups travel guides also organize the group’s itinerary and daily schedules. Travel guides work for large and small travel agencies and tour operation companies but some are self-employed. In some cases travel guides accompany their customers on their trip where they lead them around and teach them about historical sites and culturally interesting aspects of the city they are visiting. The job of travel guides has many benefits but it can also be stressful because they are often blamed for problems that their customers encounter during their vacations even when the issues were not the fault of the travel guides. Some cities andor states in the United States require that travel guides be licensed and they sometimes require the completion of a certificate program. The website lists the salary range for travel guides between $17100 and $48600 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Certification and/or License
Avg Salary: $32850
High Salary: $48600
Low Salary: $17100
Tasks: Helps clients create travel itineraries.
Stays knowledgeable on the most updated travel related information.
Recommends travel packages.
Helps customers reserve tickets and make reservations at hotels.
Also Called: Tour Guide
Travel Agent
Travel Advisor
Travel Expert
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