Travel Agent

When people want to take trips but do not know all the details involved in planning them a travel agent is usually the best person to consult. Travel agents are experts in putting together trip itineraries making reservations and suggesting travel packages that match their clients’ wishes needs and budgets. They can usually do this more efficiently than the individual traveler because of their extensive knowledge of domestic andor international travel and often their personal experiences taking trips. Travel agents must be detail-oriented and accurate when they plan trips for individuals or groups. In addition they need excellent communication and personal skills because when dealing with clients and people that work for airlines hotels and so on they must be patient and courteous. Travel agents usually have at least a high school diploma but some have an associate’s degree and others have bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Travel agents must have strong computer skills and they usually have experience in sales. It is important that they maintain their expertise by taking continuing education courses at vocational or other schools. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics earnings for travel agents depend on the size and location of the agency for which they work but their median annual wages are approximately $30500 plus benefits. In addition to base earnings however travel agents often get reduced rates on transportation and accommodations when they themselves take trips. Earnings for self-employed travel agents depend on commissions and service fees so their incomes will depend on the number of clients they have. It is important for them to have initiative and motivation as well as a recognition that their earnings may fluctuate widely depending on the state of the economy.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $30500
High Salary: $40500
Low Salary: $20500
Tasks: Assists clients in making travel reservations.
Provides advice on travel destinations.
Books flights for clients.
Secures rental cars and hotel rooms.
Also Called: Travel Planner
Travel Expert
Travel Advisor
Reservations Agent
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