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Tour operators or tour companies that arrange trips for groups of people usually hire tour leaders or guides to accompany people throughout their trip. However according to the website adventure tour leaders specialize in heading up tours that feature exciting outdoor sporting activities such as mountain climbing fishing bungee jumping whitewater rafting trail biking cave exploring scuba diving and more. There is no formal educational requirement for this job. Adventure tour leaders have high school diplomas although some have post-secondary education in environmental science or ecotourism. In most cases adventure tour leaders are hired because they are experienced and skilled in the particular sport that will be featured on the tour so they will be capable of explaining to a group of tourists about how to partake in the featured activity both safely and successfully. They are also trained in administering first aid and in what to do when there is an emergency. In addition they are knowledgeable about weather conditions particularly when it is safe to proceed with the activity or when there should be a delay. Adventure tour leaders should be excellent at communicating and leading small groups of people who may come from varied backgrounds. It is often helpful if they have some knowledge of a foreign language. They are responsible for keeping daily records on the trip and for handling expenses along the way. The website says that adventure tour leaders earn between approximately $19000 and $39000 annually if they work on a full time basis. In general however they get contracts from tour operators to lead a particular tour with no guarantee of additional work.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $29000
High Salary: $39000
Low Salary: $19000
Tasks: Takes groups on travel expeditions.
Knows the terrain of tour sites.
Has a high level of sporting skill.
Challenges participants to push themselves or take risks.
Also Called: Travel Tour Leader
Eco-Tour Leader
Adventure Tour Guide
Adventure Tour Escort
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