Sous Chef

Sous chefs work in commercial kitchens most commonly in restaurants and hotels but also on cruise ships or in casinos. The term “sous” is French for “under” and the sous chef is considered second-in-command just below the kitchen’s executive chef. The job of sous chef carries with it many responsibilities. The sous chef is in charge of scheduling and also delegating tasks to the rest of the kitchen staff keeping a careful eye out for anyone who is underperforming but at the same time recognizing those who are doing their jobs well. In addition to having some authority over the rest of the kitchen staff the sous chef must be ready to step in any time there is a kitchen emergency and also to take full responsibility for running the kitchen when the executive chef is off duty. Although the executive chef is the final authority the sous chef can consult with the executive chef in planning menus. In addition the sous chef makes sure all supplies coming into the kitchen are of excellent quality and also that hygienic standards are always maintained. The sous chef works long hours spending the majority of the time on their feet. Sometimes sous chefs start out by working in low-level kitchen jobs but move up to this position if they have talent and experience. However the website says that many attend culinary schools where they not only develop food preparation and cooking skills but where they also learn how the restaurant business operates. According to the website annual salaries for sous chefs vary widely depending on their experience and on the location and type of establishment in which they work. On average they earn approximately $30000 but in some cases they can earn over $50000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $50000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Reports to the executive chef in a kitchen.
Plans and directs food preparation.
Prepares and cooks food.
Oversees kitchen staff.
Also Called: Executive Chef
Head Chef
Culinary Chef
Sub Chef
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