Restaurant Beverage Server

Food and beverage servers who are sometimes called “waiters” or “waitresses” take orders from customers or guests and then serve them the food and drink they have requested. In fine dining establishments food servers must be able to describe the details regarding various items on the menu when asked or to provide verbal descriptions of daily specials that are not listed on the menu. Food and beverage servers check on guests every so often to see if they want to order anything else or need beverage refills and to make sure everything meets their satisfaction. At the end of the meal food and beverage servers remove plates from the table and deliver a check for what guests have consumed. In most establishments they also collect the payment. Food and beverage servers work in both fine and casual restaurants hotels convention centers clubs and cruise ships. Those of legal age may serve alcoholic beverages as well as food. The specific expectations for this job depend on the food establishment as well as the age and experience of the server. Those working in the same place for a while may be placed in charge of overseeing newer employees. Food and beverage servers must have good memories or be able to take down detailed orders so that guests are served exactly what they have ordered. They should be outgoing pleasant and willing to handle any complaints that guests may have. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics a high school diploma is considered desirable by many employers but it is not essential. Food and beverage servers earn an average hourly wage between $8 and $14 per hour including tips. However wages can vary widely depending upon the type of food establishment hours and days worked quality of service and guests’ generosity.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $21829
High Salary: $29660
Low Salary: $13998
Tasks: Takes food and beverage orders.
Brings food and beverages to restaurant patrons.
Ensures that customers are happy with their order.
Answers questions related to the menu.
Also Called: Waitress
Food Attendant
Wait Staff
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