Reservations Clerk

When people travel they usually make arrangements ahead of time for transportation and lodging. To do so they may contact a reservations clerk who is in charge of listening to their preferences explaining to them which routes or accommodations are available quoting prices for each option and discussing with them how they will pay. Reservations clerks enter all of a customer’s information into a computer system in order to ensure the requested travel plan or that space will be available when customers are ready to make the trip. Customers sometimes call back to confirm reservations ahead of time so the reservations clerk must know how to access the information. Reservations clerks sometimes deal with customers face-to-face such as when they purchase tickets at airport bus or train stations pick up rental cars or check into hotels. However some reservations clerks sit in call centers and handle customer requests by telephone. The website says that reservations clerks need a high school diploma or the equivalent but most employers give preference to job applicants with prior experience in the service industry. Reservations clerks must be helpful friendly and professional and they must be adept at using computers and entering data. They must be able to handle stress because customers can become angry if there are complications with their reservations. This career is not likely to grow significantly because many industries are replacing reservations clerks with self-service. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the rate of pay depends on the industry. Assuming reservations clerks put in 40 hours of work each week those working for hotels earn a median annual salary of $19500 whereas airline reservations clerks earn a median annual salary of $31000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $25250
High Salary: $31000
Low Salary: $19500
Tasks: Makes and confirms customer reservations.
Identifies rates and schedules.
Checks in customers upon their arrival.
Interacts with customers in person, on the phone, and via the internet.
Also Called: Airline Reservations Clerk
Hotel Reservations Clerk
Restaurant Reservations Clerk
Rental Car Reservations Clerk
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