Hospitality Co-coordinator

When guests stay at a motel hotel spa or any other type of overnight facility that offers hospitality services the guests expect a certain level of assistance and services from the individuals who work there. The role of a hospitality coordinator is to develop a courteous and friendly relationship with guests to make guests feel welcome and to ensure that guests are comfortable during their stay. According to some of the most important responsibilities of a hospitality coordinator are providing facility and tourism information to guests ensuring that guest rooms are comfortable and making the check-in and check-out process as easy as possible. Not all people can succeed in the role of a hospitality coordinator because it takes a friendly personality and a desire to ensure guests have an excellent experience at the hotel motel or spa in which they work. Some of the other essential characteristics of a hospitality coordinator are excellent communication skills the ability to be patient and caring and a true desire to work directly with people of all backgrounds nationalities and cultures. Hospitality coordinators may also work directly with others in the hospitality department such as housekeepers and maintenance workers. Typically the required education for a job as a hospitality coordinator is a bachelor’s degree in tourism or hotel management. The website reports that the average yearly salary for a hospitality coordinator is $21899 – $39017. Higher salaries are typically found in larger metropolitan areas.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $30458
High Salary: $39017
Low Salary: $21899
Tasks: Attends to the needs of hotel guests.
Provides tourism information.
Oversees housekeeping.
Handles requests from hotel patrons.
Also Called: Front Office Attendant
Hotel Guest Services Coordinator
Hotel Attendant
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