Front Desk Clerk

A front desk clerk is most often the first person a traveler talks to upon arriving at their lodging destination and should be skilled in interpersonal communication and customer service. Education beyond high school is not usually required for a front desk clerk job but classes or professional experience in the hospitality industry can be helpful. Front desk clerks are responsible for a number of different duties depending upon the motel hotel or resort in which they work. Front desk clerks greet hotel guests upon their arrival assign them to their rooms and answer any questions about the lodging property they may have. Since many hotel guests are from out-of-town front desk clerks may also need to answer questions about the area such as where to eat what attractions to visit and how to get around. Front desk clerks are also responsible for helping guests to check out of the hotel settle their bill and input information into the hotels computer system. Other front desk clerk duties include answering the phone and contacting housekeeping maintenance andor hotel management when a guest has a problem or complaint. Employment of hotel motel and resort desk clerks is expected to grow faster than the average since new hotels and resorts are continually being developed. The average front desk clerks salary is approximately $22500 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $22500
High Salary: $29500
Low Salary: $15500
Tasks: Makes and confirms hotel reservations.
Greets guests upon arrival and checks them into hotel.
Contacts housekeeping, maintenance, or hotel management when guests register a complaint.
Computes bills and collect payments when guests check out of hotel.
Also Called: Front Desk Agent
Hotel Clerk
Resort Clerk
Desk Clerk
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