Event Planner

According to the website httpwww.careers-in-event-planning.com event planners do more than design pretty decorations exciting entertainment and appetizing food for a special occasion. Event planners not only create but they also organize and supervise every aspect of events meetings ceremonies and conventions. Many event planners specialize in a particular type of event such as weddings. The website www.samplejobdescriptions.org says that event planners can be in charge of a wide variety of tasks. These may include preparing a budget for the event that meets with a clients approval finding an appropriate location for the event reserving the location for the specific date when the event will occur developing a theme for the event selecting decorations that will be used arranging for tents tables and chairs making transportation arrangements for event attendees helping prepare guest lists hiring and then supervising caterers valets and parking attendants hiring DJs or speakers and making sure the event meets safety and health codes. Event planning calls for individuals who are highly organized and have excellent management skills are able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines and are excellent communicators and good team players. Many event planners have bachelors degrees in management public relations or marketing and most have two to four years of experience in a related area. Some are freelance but others report to a supervisor or manager. The website httpeventplanning.about.com states that the annual salary event planners earn varies but the range is from approximately $47000 to $64000. If benefit such as retirement health care vacation time and pension are included the median income is approximately $79000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $55500
High Salary: $64000
Low Salary: $47000
Tasks: Plans and coordinates events.
Selects venues for events.
Coordinates with caterer.
Works with clients to ensure successful events.
Also Called: Wedding Planner
Event Organizer
Event Decorator
Meeting Planner
Additional Resources: http://www.careers-in-event-planning.com/event-planning-job-description.html