Ecotour Guide

Anyone who does not enjoy traveling to exotic locations encountering outdoor adventures and experiencing wildlife and nature for an extended period of times should not pursue a career as an ecotour guide. An ecotour guide sometimes called an “adventure tour guide” leads groups of people on outdoor tours which can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks or even a month. Some of the shorter tours may include a rafting climbing or hiking trip and the longer tours may include a trek through an exotic location. This career involves a significant amount of physical risk as well as an ability to deal with the members of the tour who may or may not have experienced an ecotour in the past. Some of the other risks involved in this career include the potential of coming face-to-face with dangerous animals the possibility for falls or other injuries and the remote chance of getting lost in the wilderness. While there is no specific educational requirement for a job as an ecotour guide the best qualification is personal experience. Many guides decide to enter this profession because they have been on tours in the past and enjoyed them so much they decide to pursue this as their career. While some ecotour guides work for established companies others have gone into business for themselves – designing specific ecotours based on personal experience and interest in a particular location. The salary range for an ecotour guide varies greatly and most guides do not enter this profession for the money making potential but rather for their passion for being in nature and experiencing adventure and exploration on a regular basis. Nonetheless the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average hourly wage for a tour guide is between $10 and $17 per hour.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $28080
High Salary: $35360
Low Salary: $20800
Tasks: Leads groups on adventure tours.
Teaches about the wilderness.
Shows groups how to survive in the wild.
Explains how to climb, raft, hike, and spot animals.
Also Called: Adventure Guide
Travel Guide
Survival Guide
Environmental Tour Guide
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