Cruise Director

Cruise lines pride themselves on their high level of hospitality services. They work to serve their customers every need and want to ensure that the visitors on their ship experience a top-notch vacation – in the hopes that they will return and take another cruise in the future. Therefore the job of a cruise hospitality specialist is essential to the success of a cruise line. Cruise hospitality specialists work in many different realms on a ship including in restaurants and bars in spas in the housekeeping area and in the entertainment department.

As states it's essential that cruise hospitality specialists have "people" personalities and a "passion for the cruise industry." Cruise hospitality specialists meet new people every day and must be willing to accommodate their needs quickly and cheerfully. While some cruise lines tout the fact that working on a ship is like a "working vacation" this is not always the case.

The job of a cruise hospitality specialist is demanding and tiring and it requires the need to be away from home for extended periods of time the need to sleep in small quarters (sometimes with one or more roommates) and the ability to NOT get sea sick – even when the ocean has a rough current. Nonetheless there are also many benefits of working as cruise hospitality specialist including traveling to new areas of the world shopping in high-end stores and relaxing on a cruise ship on non-working days.

There is no formal education requirement for a job as a cruise hospitality specialist and with no prior experience entry-level jobs can be obtained. However for certain jobs such as a chef bartender or stage performer specific training is required.

The website lists the various salaries for hospitality jobs on ships but the average is $1000 to $3000 per month. The exact amount depends on the tips earned per cruise. However room and board is normally offered for free to employees while the ship is sailing.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $24000
High Salary: $36000
Low Salary: $12000
Tasks: Accommodates the needs of cruise ship customers.
Travels with guests on a cruise ship.
Serves meals to vacationers.
Cleans cruise ship cabins.
Also Called: Housekeeper
Guest Relations Specialist
Guest Services Specialist
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