The job of a concierge is typically found in high-end hotels or sometimes in luxury apartment buildings that cater to every need of their guests or residents. Concierges must have extensive knowledge of the area in which the hotel or apartment building is located. They must be personable comfortable interacting with people from many cultures and it is beneficial if they are fluent in several languages. They are often considered to be the face of a hotel or apartment building and their prompt and personalized attention is often rewarded by guests or residents who give them generous tips.

Concierges do not work at the hotel front desk and they do not make reservations but they can book spa dinner concert and theater reservations and they also arrange for transportation for guests. They apprise guests of events and sightseeing opportunities and they suggest areas where guests might want to shop or resources for obtaining health services if necessary. In addition they may be asked to oversee the luggage and other belongings of guests for short periods of time. Their job can be fast-paced and they must be able to multitask because they manage a wide array of customer requests.

According to the website concierges need a high school diploma but a college degree in hospitality or in restaurant and hotel management is usually required for promotion to a management position. Concierges earn an average of $13 an hour plus tips which can be considerable.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that this profession will not grow quickly because many newer hotels have limited services and travel-related information is easy to find on the Internet.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $27000
High Salary: $29000
Low Salary: $25000
Tasks: Interacts with hotel visitors.
Ensures the needs of hotel guests are met.
Makes restaurant reservations for guests.
Acts as a local tourist guide.
Also Called: Guest Services Attendant
Front Desk Agent
Hotel Guide
Customer Operations Manager
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