Museum Guide

Museum guides sometimes called “tour guides” or “museum docents” serve in various roles. They welcome visitors to the museum and lead guided tours of the museum. Some tours provide a general walk-through of the museum’s collections whereas other tours focus on themes in the collection or in some cases on specific works shown in special exhibitions. Museum guides are usually trained by the museum’s education department and have a broad comprehension of the history origin and scientific facts about the objects and artifacts in the museum’s collection and they are articulate and enthusiastic about conveying their knowledge to visitors. People who want to be museum guides should enjoy interacting with all types of people. Also they should be excellent public speakers and be capable of telling interesting and coherent stories about the museum’s works of art and artifacts. According to the website there is no specific formal education or college major that is required for people to become docents. The most important qualification is that they enjoy the type of art in which the museum specializes and that they remain open to learning new information about the art so they can share their knowledge with the public. Although it is not usually required it is helpful if museum guides have knowledge about a language other than English. Many museum guides work on a volunteer basis and although there is no age requirement many of them are retired. However some museum guides that are paid employees usually have a college education and work as specialists in the museum’s education department. According to the website the median annual salary for museum education specialists is approximately $44400.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $44400
High Salary: $48400
Low Salary: $40400
Tasks: Helps visitors understand the art in a museum.
Shares knowledge of historical artifacts with museum visitors.
Conducts tours of a museum.
Answers questions from visitors related to the museum or it's collection.
Also Called: Tour Guide
Museum Volunteer
Museum Educator
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