Museum Exhibit Designer

Museum exhibit designers are sometimes called “exhibition organizers”. They design museum exhibitions working on all the necessary preparation by consulting with anyone being commissioned for the exhibit. Before producing a final plan they do research on prior exhibitions. Then they prepare a plan that coordinates the materials displayed in the museum where the new exhibit will be held and they make sure that their plan falls within the allocated budget. In preparing their designs they often use computer aided design (CAD) software. They consult with the museum staff on marketing plans on educational programs that will be offered during the exhibit and on the catalogue that will coordinate with the exhibit. It is the responsibility of the museum exhibit designer to ensure that the works in the exhibit are delivered on schedule and fit into the allocated space that any electronic or graphic displays are set up and working that all fixtures and display stands are in place and that all other details are handled by the opening date. Some museum exhibit designers are employees of a specific museum. However many are self-employed and travel to various sites that are planning to hold exhibits. Museum exhibit designers must be artistic and creative but they must also have excellent organizational and management skills. They usually have a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in fine arts although entry-level museum exhibit designers may have an associate’s degree in design. Regardless of what degree they hold it is important for them to understand how to use CAD software. Employment in this field is quite competitive. The website says that the salaries for museum exhibit designers depend on the employer as well as the size and geographic location of the museum. However the median annual salary is approximately $61300.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $61300
High Salary: $71300
Low Salary: $51300
Tasks: Prepares plans for museum exhibitions.
Ensures that exhibits meet budget restrictions.
Designs exhibits that are the correct size and dimension.
Makes sure that exhibits are ready to be unveiled on the correct date.
Also Called: Exhibit Preparer
Exhibit Organizer
Display Coordinator
Design Chief
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