Museum Cataloguer

Museum cataloguers are people who love art and enjoy working behind the scenes in a museum. Museum cataloguers who are sometimes called “museum registrars” or “museum technicians” work to ensure that every piece of work in the museum is documented correctly. They record information on the age of each piece who donated it its approximate market value the history of its past owners and whether it is owned by the museum or on loan to the museum. The records they keep include photographs of each items and notations when there is damage. Museum cataloguers are also knowledgeable about the contracts and policies associated with any item that is on loan. They are often in charge of preparing items for shipping to other museums and also for the handling of the museum’s own items when they are moved into and out of museum storage. Museum cataloguers must keep track not only of the pieces the museum has borrowed from other institutions but also which of the museum’s items are out on loan and when they are to be returned. According to the website museum cataloguers may also be responsible for creating reports on how many people attend exhibitions of various programs the museum sponsors. Museum cataloguers usually have bachelor’s degrees in art history or studio art. Some have graduate degrees in museum studies. They must be knowledgeable about the various materials used in works of art so that they can determine the type of handling that is needed to ensure the safety of each piece. The earnings for museum cataloguers can vary considerably depending on institution location and experience. However the website says that the average annual salary for museum cataloguers is approximately $40000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $45000
Low Salary: $35000
Tasks: Keeps track of the art in a museum.
Ensures that traveling exhibits are packaged and shipped safely.
Personally travels with valuable pieces of art to their destination.
Researches potential museum pieces.
Also Called: Museum Registrar
Museum Curator
Museum Manager
Museum Technician
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