Museum Admin

Museum administrators are professionals who enjoy and appreciate museums and find it fulfilling to apply clerical organizational and management skills to help museums operate. Museum administrators work on the business side of running museums and they usually report to the general manager of the museum where they work. Museum administrators do not work directly with the collections but they do oversee the people that care for the collections. According to the website they have a wide variety of responsibilities. They do secretarial tasks such as filing and correspondence. Also they often perform some bookkeeping duties so they are aware of the budget that is available for museum acquisitions and programs. In addition they may gather statistics for reports as well as plan and coordinate special events and projects including contacting the press and media to make announcements about them. They may play some role in the graphic design and production of promotional fliers and posters as well as signage needed in the museum. Some museum administrators are in charge of the gift shop and overseeing its general appearance and inventory. Also they may coordinate a volunteer program as well as oversee safety and security requirements within the building. The extent of the administrator’s job requirements depend on the size of the museum but in general they work with the museum manager and curator to implement procedures that guarantee the efficient operation of the museum. Museum administrators usually work 35 hours a week with Sundays and Mondays off. Aspiring museum administrators usually have a bachelor’s degree of business administration or museum studies or job experience in these areas. According to the website their annual salaries range between $27000 and $31000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $29000
High Salary: $31000
Low Salary: $27000
Tasks: Manages administrative tasks for a museum.
Keeps track of museum shop inventory and sales.
Oversees museum bookkeeping and finances.
Plans and coordinates special museum events.
Also Called: Museum General Manager
Museum Curator
Museum Manager
Museum Operations Manager
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