Wound Care Nurse

Wound care nurses are often referred to as “ostomy nurses” and “WOC nurses.” Their job involves tending to wounds that were caused by injury illness surgery feeding tube sites bedsores or other medical conditions. They must monitor and clean their patients’ wounds so they do not develop severe infections and so that the wounds heal as rapidly as possible. According to the website www.registerednursern.com some of the typical job responsibilities of wound care nurses include creating treatment plans for wounds carefully watching their patients’ wounds to ensure that infections are not developing recommending appropriate treatments when infections do occur cleaning wounds so they heal as quickly as possible and teaching their patients how to care for their healing wounds on a daily basis. Wound care nurses work in many types of facilities including nursing homes hospitals and long-term care facilities. However some are home-health care nurses who travel to their patients’ homes to check on their wounds. Wound care nurses must be registered nurses. Therefore they need an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. They must be licensed and they must also obtain additional training for this specialized branch of nursing. The website www.nursingcrossing.com states that the average salary for wound care nurses ranges from $56000 to $85000 per year and this type of nursing career tends to pay higher than other registered nursing specialties. The demand for wound care nurses is expected to remain high especially for those who are trained in preventative care for certain types of preventable wounds.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $70500
High Salary: $85000
Low Salary: $56000
Tasks: Cleans and observes patients' wounds.
Creates wound treatment plans.
Watches wounds for signs of infection.
Teaches patients how to care for their own wounds.
Also Called: Ostomy Nurse
WOC Nurse
Continence Nurse
Registered Nurse
Additional Resources: http://typesofnurses.net/Wound-Care-Nurse/