School Nurse

School nurses are registered nurses who care for sick and injured students and school staff members during school hours. When several children become sick with the same virus or illness within a few days of each other school nurses must warn parents and the school staff of the outbreak. When a child becomes ill during the school day school nurses must make arrangements with the child’s parents on how to handle the situation. Sometimes school nurses insist that parents or guardians pick up ill children from school and other times school nurses keep ill children in their office until the school day is over. During a child’s stay in the nurse’s office school nurses must take their temperature monitor their condition and administer over-the-counter medication. School nurses are also responsible for administering prescription medication to children upon a doctor’s order and they must also monitor children who have chronic medical ailments such as asthma and diabetes. In addition to providing care to those who don’t feel well or who get hurt while at school school nurses are also responsible for teaching school kids good hygiene habits and how to avoid contracting illnesses. They sometimes provide health-related training sessions for school staff. They also oversee school-sponsored hearing and vision screenings for the school’s students. School nurses must graduate from an accredited associate’s or bachelor’s degree nursing program. They must also be licensed. According to the website school nurses earn an annual salary between $34596 and $54663.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $44629.5
High Salary: $54663
Low Salary: $34596
Tasks: Cares for ill school children.
Knows the signs and symptoms of viruses and infectious diseases.
Attempts to prevent illness outbreaks.
Administers medication to school children.
Also Called: Registered Nurse
Classroom Nurse
Pediatric Nurse
Advanced Practice Nurse
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