Registered Nursing Assistant

Registered nursing assistants are commonly referred to as “licensed practical nurses” or (“LPNs”). They work hands-on with patients and provide assistance to doctors registered nurses and other health care professionals in hospitals medical facilities and nursing home settings. Some of the responsibilities of a registered nursing assistant include talking to patients and getting background medical information for their charts taking patients’ temperatures and blood pressure and applying bandages to patients who have wounds. It is important that registered nursing assistants have kind and caring personalities because they must deal with patients who are sick hurt and need of nurses who can provide emotional support as well as nursing care. The day in the life of a registered nursing assistant is hardly ever routine because each patient requires different services and each day brings new cases. Because registered nursing assistants work directly with individuals who may be sick it is important that they always adhere to strict safety procedures so that the risk of contracting or spreading diseases is minimized. The educational path to becoming a registered nursing assistant includes a one or two-year degree from a community college or vocational program. Work schedules for registered nursing assistants vary depending on their employer. For example those who work in a medical office will be required to work the hours that the office is open – typically normal business hours. However registered nursing assistants who work in hospitals may be required to work during nighttime weekend and holiday hours because these medical facilities are open 24 hours per day seven days per week. According to the website the median salary for a registered nursing assistant is $26344.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $26344
High Salary: $28344
Low Salary: $24344
Tasks: Provides personal care services to patients.
Transports patients from one location in a facility to another.
Records patients' vital signs.
Serves meals to patients.
Also Called: Nurse Aide
Licensed Practical Nurse
Certified Nursing Assistant
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