Registered Nurse

Registered nurses also called “RNs” have strong desire to improve the health of others and want to be the first point of contact with patients seeking medical treatment or advice. RNs work in hospitals clinics outpatient care centers nursing homes and private physicians’ offices. Their specific duties depend on the work context but in general they keep records of a patients’ medical history and administer treatments that are prescribed by physicians. Those working in hospitals are in charge of patients’ daily care. They give medications and shots and they may also change bandages and start IVs. They must keep careful and detailed records of every procedure they complete. RNs can also work in emergency rooms and intensive care units caring for patients that are experiencing life-threatening traumas. Registered nurses can work with specific populations such as newborn babies children or the elderly. They can also work with specific health conditions such as diabetes cancer dermatology and so on. Registered Nurses work part-time and full-time and some work overtime. Aspiring RNs need an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing or a diploma from a registered nursing program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that jobs for RNs will be plentiful as many presently in the profession will be retiring and must be replaced. In addition registered nurses are being employed in larger numbers in medical offices clinics and public health settings. Nursing is a highly respected profession and RNs earn an average annual salary of approximately $62500. In addition there are usually additional benefits such as tuition payments for further training child care allowances and bonuses.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $62500
High Salary: $72500
Low Salary: $52500
Tasks: Determines an initial diagnosis.
Checks patients' vital signs.
Provides nursing care to patients with a variety of medical conditions.
Administers medications and gives shots.
Also Called: Critical Care Nurse
Emergency Room Nurse
Medical Nurse
Surgical Nurse
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