Reflexology is a holistic healing technique that uses the application of pressure to the feet and hands with the basic premise that such treatment results in relaxation and improved circulation. They believe that there are areas and zones located on the hands and feet that coordinate with different physical parts of the anatomy. Reflexologists first interview clients to determine their medical history as well as their lifestyles habits including as diet exercise and work routines. Because they are highly knowledgeable about all the nerves and pressure points in the body they are able to determine where there may be blockages to nerve pathways and to blood supply. They believe that applying pressure to the affected locations will flush away toxins that have accumulated due to blockages which will restore the body’s natural flow of energy. Reflexologists treat people who suffer from conditions such as migraines back problems insomnia digestive problems circulatory problems and disorders stemming from stress and tension. Aspiring reflexologists take a six-month program to develop their expertise in this technique. The program includes classes either in person or online in subjects such as biology physiology anatomy health and nutrition. It is helpful but not mandatory that they have certification. Reflexologists work in spas sports facilities and gyms but some work in doctors’ offices and clinics. Some choose to work independently making home visits to clients. The website says that the income for reflexologists varies widely depending on geographic location experience employer or client base. It is important for them to know how to market their services. Reflexologists earn between approximately $10000 and $60000 a year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $10000
Tasks: Provides alternative treatments for several types of ailments.
Knows about the body's pressure points.
Maintains patients' records.
Suggests diet and exercise regimens.
Also Called: Natural Healer
Holistic Professional
Holistic Healer
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
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