Private Care Nurse

Private care nurses are often called “private duty nurses.” They are directly hired by patients to work with them in their homes. Depending on the specific nursing needs of their clients private care nurses may work full-time with one patient or they may spread their time between several patients. Some of the typical duties of private care nurses include monitoring their patients’ vital signs updating their patients’ medical records and carrying out the treatment plans prescribed by doctors. They may also administer medication change bandages and observe the overall health condition of their clients. According to private care nurses often teach their clients’ family members how to care for their ill or hurt patients how to give their patients medication and how to cook and serve appropriate and healthy meals for their patients. Because their clients are situated in their own homes private care nurses provide recommendations to family members on how to make the living environments as healthy and germ-free as possible. They also ensure that there are ample medications supplies and medical equipment in the homes so that their patients remain as comfortable as possible and so that needed items can be easily accessed. Private care nurse must be registered nurses and they must be licensed. They may choose to specialize in one particular field or nursing but many private care nurses are available to work with clients that have varying medical issues. The website reports that the salary range for private care nurses is between $30164 and $64038 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $47101
High Salary: $64038
Low Salary: $30164
Tasks: Contracts with individual patients.
Administers medication.
Evaluates patients' vital signs.
Records medical information in patients' files.
Also Called: Private Duty Nurse
Registered Nurse
Client Contract Nurse
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