Optics Physicist

Optics physicists study the behavior and properties of light. They work to discover ways in which light interacts with various types of matter and how light can be utilized to advance science. Today’s optics physicists typically study and attempt to advance the use of fiber optics and lasers and they also work to develop the use of optics in the medical realm – such as with medical imaging. Some of the modern ways in which the work of optics physicists has helped society grow and develop include the use of laser beams to create high-level security systems and to perform complex medical procedures such as laser eye surgery. Additionally optics physicists have helped to develop the use of fiber optics for the advancement of telephone systems the internet and the delivery of cable television. Some optics physicists work in laboratory settings and others work as teachers or professors at colleges and universities. Those that work in the research realm work to develop highly technological products that are intended to advance the ways in which scientists doctors and even general consumers can achieve desired results from products. Because this career is highly scientific in nature it’s essential that optics physicists have a high level of mathematical ability as well as a desire to push the laws of physics to achieve specific results. Sometimes research and experiments are lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore patience and persistence are both necessary personal qualities for this profession. Many optics physicists conduct research and write their research findings into articles that are submitted to research journals so excellent writing skills are necessary as is the ability to design new types of research studies that have never before been attempted or conducted. In order to enter this career a bachelor’s degree must be earned. However most go on to earn a master’s degree or a PhD. According to the website www.mypursuit.com physicists typically earn a salary between $46851 and $169085 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $107968
High Salary: $169085
Low Salary: $46851
Tasks: Studies the properties of light.
Determines how light interacts with matter.
Helps to advance optical technology.
Researches new ways to manipulate light.
Also Called: Fiber Optics Physicist
Optical Engineer
Additional Resources: http://www.physicsplanet.com/articles/fiber-optics