Ophthalmic Technologist

One of the first professionals who talks with ophthalmic patients in an examining room is usually an ophthalmic technologist. An ophthalmic technologist is responsible for interviewing patients about their medical histories and problems or symptoms they are experiencing with their eyes or vision. They are also responsible for conducting preliminary tests on patients’ eyes and teaching patients how to administer medications into their eyes after leaving their appointment. According to www.mshealthcareers.com ophthalmic technicians are also sometimes asked to help ophthalmologists with surgical procedures and they are often charged with utilizing highly technical ophthalmic equipment that tests patients’ eyes and vision. Most ophthalmic technologists work under the direct supervision of an ophthalmologist in a private medical office setting but some work in hospitals or in eye clinics. The job of an ophthalmic technologist is hands-on with patients so good communication skills are necessary as is a friendly and caring personality. In order to become an ophthalmic technologist an individual must first graduate from high school and then attend a minimum of a two-year ophthalmic technologist program. Although certification is not mandatory it is an option offered by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology. Some ophthalmic technologists choose to further their education and specialize in a particular area of ophthalmology. The website www.payscale.com reports that the average yearly salary for an ophthalmic technologist is between $36852 and $54483 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $45667.5
High Salary: $54483
Low Salary: $36852
Tasks: Collects medical histories from patients.
Assists ophthalmologists with procedures and surgery.
Administers eye medication.
Conducts eye and vision tests.
Also Called: Eye Care Technologist
Ophthalmologist Assistant
Ophthalmic Technician
Additional Resources: http://www.mshealthcareers.com/careers/ophthalmic%20technologist.htm