Nurse Manager

Nurse managers are in charge of supervising nurses who work in health care facilities most typically public or private hospitals but also in community clinics and research facilities. They are responsible for coordinating the tasks that the nursing staff must perform with regard to patient care. They also play a role in recruiting and hiring new nurses and then training them so that they are familiar with the rules and guidelines that must be followed. Part of their role is that of a business manager because they complete paperwork regarding budgets and they make sure that their departments have adequate medical supplies and all equipment is in working order. In addition they oversee and evaluate the nursing staff and they manage any issues that arise with regard to the facility’s patients. They typically work 40 hours a week but there may be situations in which they have to work longer hours. To be hired as a nurse manager individuals must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and must be a registered nurse (RN). To be hired for this position in larger institutions a master’s degree in health care administration may be required. In addition to formal credentials and excellent business management skills nurse managers should have strong leadership abilities and excellent communication skills so that the nurses they supervise work well together and are motivated to perform at the highest level possible. In most instances individuals promoted to nurse manager positions have had considerable experience in the nursing field. According to the website the average annual salary for nurse managers is approximately $82000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $82000
High Salary: $92500
Low Salary: $71500
Tasks: Oversees a staff of nurses.
Creates work schedules.
Assigns tasks to nurses within a department.
Manages a department's budget.
Also Called: Administrative Nurse
Nurse Supervisor
Healthcare Administrator
Lead Nurse
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