Nurse Consultant

A nurse consultant is a professional registered nurse who has extensive experience in the nursing industry and is hired by health care institutions. They evaluate the institution’s procedures and processes and offer opinions and ideas on how to improve the nursing and overall medical care that patients receive. Additionally they are often required to evaluate clinical environments within medical facilities to ensure that all medical professionals working there are abiding by federal state and local governmental rules and regulations. Once the nurse consultant makes improvement recommendations to the medical facility’s administration they are often asked to develop and implement training programs for nurses and other staff members so that their skills can be developed and so that the facility can learn to function more efficiently and cost-effectively. Sometimes if the medical facility does not want the nurse consultant to conduct training sessions the consultant is asked to recommend outside educational venues which can provide training classes. According to the website nurse consultants must have a nursing license and must also have an extremely high level of knowledge related to nursing care and nursing administration. Nurse consultants according to must have excellent communication skills because they are required to provide direction and advice to various medical department heads. Also nurse consultants must be good problem solvers because they are often tasked with finding solutions to complicated administrative procedures that need modifications. The website states that the average yearly salary for a nurse consultant is $87760.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $87760
High Salary: $97760
Low Salary: $77760
Tasks: Helps medical facilities improve their procedures.
Ensures that rules and regulations are followed by nurses.
Promotes cost-effective nursing care.
Develops and implements training sessions for nurses.
Also Called: Clinical Nurse Consultant
Nurse Expert
Nurse Advisor
Nurse Mentor
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